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You have probably heard the old saying – “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Well, that isn’t actually true. Effective dog training can result in the desired changes in dogs of any and all ages.  


Whether you want your dog to be trained to just be better behaved or to follow a regular schedule, or if you want to train your dog to be able to follow basic commands or do great tricks, dog training is the way to get you and your dog on track for a happy, healthy life together. My wife bought me some really cool steel shooting targets from to help my dog become used to the sound of gunfire.






How do I Find a Dog Training Program?












Dog training programs are not hard to find. Many pet stores offer special dog training programs and most veterinarian offices maintain a list of local dog training programs with the contact information. For those with patience, there are numerous books and videos that help with do it yourself dog training.

shooting targets with dog 






What Kind of Dog Training Program does my Dog Need?

Perhaps the area of dog training you need to pursue with your best friend is housebreaking or crate training. That is a project most pet owners work on themselves with the dog. There are excellent sources available to assist with the process, and your veterinarian can always offer helpful tips.  Even teaching a dog to walk on a leash is a form of dog training. Obedient dogs understand simple orders, such as sit or lay down.






Dog training may be needed if a dog exhibits aggressive behavior.  Aggressive behavior can be a liability for the owner and a danger to the dog as well. It doesn’t matter if the dog is a Toy Poodle or an Irish Wolfhound, aggressive behavior cannot be permitted.






The Owner Must take an Active Role in Dog Training 






The dog owner has to take an active role in the dog training process. Sometimes a dog’s environment can play a significant role in the dog’s actions or behavior. The owner must be willing to make changes and adjustments as needed in order to help alleviate unwanted behaviors. When I shoot steel pistol targets my dog has a tendency to get aggressive, that is something I am working on. 






Basically any behaviors you want your dog to have or not have must be taught. Regardless of if it is a three month old puppy or five year old dog from the animal shelter, proper dog training is extremely important in ensuring dog and owner happiness. Dog training should not be delayed.

The sooner you get your dog in a training program, the sooner you will see the desired results. If you are interested in training your dog to handle the sound of gunfire check out this online store for  steel shooting targets.







Dogs are the greatest friends of men. Therefore, it is very essential to stay friendly with them. Without proper training to the dogs, it will not be possible to train these dogs. Irrespective of the fact that these are smaller or larger breeds, without proper training, they will not be able to become your best friend. If you are wondering about the best source through which you can train your dog, this is the ideal site for you. You are welcome to our completely different site that will offer you plenty of information and tips on dog training. Here, you will get recommendation from the experts, and they will offer you important tips to train your dogs. Thus, we are sure that our site will indeed be very valuable for you.



Instead of wasting your money on getting wide varieties of courses, you can get recommendation from our site on the internet. These recommendations are offered by expert and experienced dog owners, and you will be able to acquire great deal of information from these dog owners. Thus, you can be assured that these recommendations will make the experience of dog training the best that will br


ing great feeling of happiness and companionship.



We offer some of the best courses on dog training, and the authors of these courses are experts in this field. If you have any queries and questions, you can also contact the authors of different courses, so that they can understand and cater to your requirements.



When you browse our site at you can get an insight into wide varieties of e-book written by different expert authors.


‘Sit Stay Fetch’ is an e-book that will offer fantastic course that would help you in understanding the results of training within just few weeks. The book teaches you plenty of step by step guides through which you can train your dogs of any breed and any size. Moreover, our book will also offer you training on different areas ranging from chewing, over aggression, house training, fighting with other dogs, raising a new puppy and many more. These training tips and step by step guidelines will be the perfect solution to your problem.


In fact, if you compare, you will find that a professional dog trainer will charge you huge compared to what you will learn from our course and the money that you will have to pay for it. Apart from getting access to the course, you will also be able to take away plenty of free gifts. The eBook written by a professional dog trainer, Daniel Stevens have already earned huge success. There are plenty of diagrams and pictures incorporated into the books, as a result of which learning will be easier and completely a matter of fun for you. Dog Training Info also provides free information and recommendations on Invisible dog fencing for brands like Invisible Fence and PetStop we test all systems and generally advocate these types of systems depending on the breed and temperament of your dog. You can also buy your own dog fence wire at amazon. This heavy grade 14 gauge wire is certainly a much higher quality then what comes with the kit. 

With each eBook course, we will offer you free bonus gifts, which will be definitely valuable for you. You can get a bonus of free consultation at $120, while you can also get another bonus gift of ‘Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Dog’, where you will be able to cope up with any behavioral problems of your dog. You will also learn about the house training methods and tricks, security training of your dog and some dog grooming tips. There are plenty of other bonus gifts that you will get which in turn, will help you experience that dog training and grooming is indeed very easy, and you will not have to experience huge problems, as a whole. The bonus gifts that we offer with different ebooks at our site vary from time to time. Therefore, if you want to get access to our ebooks, you will have to keep a regular track of the site.



This is not just the end of everything. At our site, you will also get access to another ebook ‘Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer’. This ebook is also written by a famous dog trainer, Adam Katz, and here you will get access to huge array of dog training information, which is centered on some of the common problems associated with the dogs. This book also contains valuable information, but it is slightly expensive compared to the previous one. However, irrespective of that, you will find the price of the book worth the value of your money.



This is not only an ebook, but at the same time, it is also one of the very few dog training books that are available on the audio, so that you listen to the instructions and follow them accordingly. Thus, you can use the book in not only ebook format but in audio format, as well, as per your requirements. If you buy this book, you will get plenty of bonus gifts from our site, and these gifts together will prove to be indeed valuable for you. For instance, if you want to get email consultation, you will have to pay only $25.



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You can expect to get bonus gifts with this ebook as well, and some of the best bonus gifts that you will get here include important tips on feeding your dogs, solutions on electronic training, mind teasers of dogs, tips on weather for you and your dog, and even introduction clicker training. Thus, apart from the ebook that you purchase from our site, the bonus that you get from us will also help to a great extent.



 There is another ebook that we offer and it has been written by the famous dog trainer of Hollywood, Dove Cresswell. ‘Puppy & Dog Training Online’ is a very famous ebook that is designed on a course to offer visual as well as audio step by step guidance to train the dogs. Thus, you will be able to housetrain your dogs with different commands that you will learn from this ebook. Though there are no free bonus gifts with this ebook, but yet you can be assured that the information that you acquire from this book will definitely be worth the value of your money.



‘Dog Training Mastery’ is also a very valuable ebook that you will get in our site. Ray Coleiro, the famous professional dog trainer earned huge success by writing this book. Therefore, if you purchase this book from us, you can get several topics covered in relation to the dog training. The information that you acquire from this book will not only help you to train your dog




More people are now using electric dog fence as an alternative to wooden or traditional fence. This kind of fence is used to prevent dogs from wandering outside their yard and keep them safe within the area.  It will be very expensive to put boundary using the traditional fence, especially if your yard is big.  On the other hand if you will use electric fence, it will only cost you around hundreds of dollars compared to thousands in using the traditional ones. 

Dogs normally love to jump over fences and dig under them and this can potentially harm them.  By using electric dog fence, this will discourage them from doing it and prevent them from inflicting harm. This is the reason why this kind of fence is better compared to the traditional ones.  As a matter of fact, there is no need to chain your dog in the post or confine them in a crate. Electric enclosure will provide enough space for him to run and exercise in the yard without any limitations and worries. Being unhealthy, sad and obese can bring harm to their health that is why it is very essential to keep them active and happy. In addition, electric fence can keep any stray animals or intruders away and discourage them from snooping around.  


Electric Dog Fence: How does it Work?


This type of enclosure is available in 2 types and they are wireless or underground fence. Regardless of what type, this fence basically responds to radio signals to be turned off and on thus, covering the areas where you do not want your furry friend to roam around.   All you need to do is to let him wear an electric collar which also serves as a receiver. If your pet gets too close to the boundary or fence, the collar will eventually beep that may startle your dog.  Once they go further and cross the electric dog fence, they will receive a small amount of voltage in order to train him and let him know that he is not allowed to cross the boundary. 16 gauge underground dog fence wire can be an excellent alternative to the standard dog fencing wire placed in most manufacturer packages.


Although your dog needs some time before he can get used to the electric dog fence, this task is not very hard to do once he is properly trained.  Training usually takes about 3 weeks depending upon the breed, age, and temperament of your dog as well as your dedication to train him.  Every session normally takes about 15 minutes and there must be 2-3 sessions every day.  During the training, your dog will gradually learn to abide your established boundaries. If your dog has a problem hearing or seeing, then it is a must to provide additional training since he may not pick up the clues immediately.  If this is the situation, electric dog fence may not be the appropriate option for your impaired dog that is why you must search for other alternatives.


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?


This kind of fence provides you as well as your dogs several advantages that include:


          • Aesthetic – electric dog fence is more attractive compared to any physical fence around the play area of your dog.  This eliminates the need to place physical fence especially if it does not match the decoration of your yard. In addition, it is a fact that in several zoning guidelines, physical boundaries in your property are not allowed depending upon your location.


          • Cost – this dog fence is cheaper to buy and install wherein you will only spend hundreds of dollars compared to thousands in traditional dog fence.  It will cost even more subjected to the size of your yard.


          • Effectiveness – electric fence is considered effective if your dog is properly trained than any physical fence.  Most dogs can still jump over or dig under the physical fence.


Watch this electric dog fence video to get a better understanding of how it works.


          • Flexibility – it is more flexible compared to its counterparts as it can be installed anywhere you want even indoors.  You can place it in your pool, lawn, bedroom and in other areas.  Some electric fence can also be taken when you go for a vacation by simply unplugging it from the outlet.



          • You can also use an indoor dog fence for areas within your home you would like to keep your dogs away from.




Although electric dog fence offers many benefits, it is not exempted from having disadvantages. Dog training is required in order to achieve its maximum effectiveness. Therefore, this fence is not suitable for owners who are not ready to train their pet for his new environment. This type of fence is also not recommended for less than 6-month old puppies, small dogs and pregnant dogs. The amount of shock that will be received may be more than what they could take. Aggressive dogs must not be confined in electric enclosures because the level of their negative behaviors and aggression might increase. Moreover, look out for your electronic fence as it may break down during lightning storms.  Ask the manufacturer if they are offering warranty for the damaged caused by lightning storms.


Is it Inhumane to Use Electric Fence?


There are some people who think that it is inhumane to use electric dog fence in keeping their pets confined in the yard. They believe that it has a dreadful effect on the behavioral pattern of their dogs.  They are also not very much willing to provide their dogs with shock which is being administered when they approach the boundary line.  However, the shock used to train them is only mild and the level is definitely adjustable.  It is transmitted to the electric collar only after a sequence of warning tones that have alerted them when they are approaching the prohibited zone.  Almost all dogs can easily learn their limitations and the number of correcting shocks required during training is only minimal. 


Final Thoughts


Using electric fence is considered an individual choice made by the owners. They need to allot necessary time to commit in training their dogs effectively. Some weeks of regular daily training is generally required but the outcome will be definitely worth it. Owners will have a peace of mind that their pet has freedom to have fun outside without putting harm on themselves as well as the owner.  However, the choice of using electric dog fence is accompanied by several factors that they need to consider prior to purchase.